img_6223I’m Marissa Huber, and I am an artist, writer, and creative instigator who loves connecting people, ideas, and empowering others. I started taking my art seriously after the birth of my son, and became fascinated with how the transition into motherhood made me more focused, efficient, and confident in my art making. It made me care less what people thought of me, plus I get creatively cranky when I’m not making something. Becoming lost in the flow of putting brush to paper is one of my greatest joys, and I wish more people would paint for fun.

I work primarily in watercolor, ink, gouache, oil, and lately digital art to create patterns. I enjoy experimenting with techniques, and need restraints and play in my work to get anything done. I practice noticing colors, marks, and composition in my daily life, something I started six years ago in order to get ideas for what to paint when I was stuck. My abstract work attempts to record fleeting moments, while accepting that time will pass and I need to appreciate all of this. My illustrative and pattern design work are more joyful and playful.
I live in South Florida with my artist husband Michael East and son. I work as an Occupancy Planner by day, and spend as much time as I can playing with my son, making art, dreaming big, and exploring. You can also find me at Carve Out Time for Art, a community I founded to empower artists and help them prioritize art making. My partner, Heather Kirtland and I love scheming up creative shenanigans.