The 100 Day Project: 39 Days In

Remember when I was hemming and hawing over committing to The 100 Day Project? I am so glad that I followed my gut, and decided to do it. This project is 39/100 days in, and it has truly energized me. I love thinking up something each day, and seeing what fellow participants are up to.

Here are a few of these projects I’m enjoying:

#100DaysofNotestoNana – Gina Irie

#pantone2u Salli Swindell /They Draw & Cook

#100DaysofMiniatureIllustrations – Josefina Schargorodsky

#100DaysofAbstracts – Holland Loop

#100DaysofCollage –  Amanda Hawkins

#100DaysofMyLifeinIcons – Melanie Graham

#100DaysofAbandon – Hannah Betzel

Here are the first 37 days of my project, #100DaysofMHVignettes. I’m enjoying writing the stories as much as painting the watercolors. It surprised me how much I like writing these stories, since I haven’t written creatively in years. A common thread emerged, and they all feature women, many of whom are in the middle of a big life change, or have braved the odds to follow a dream. You can read all the stories with the projects on Instagram @marissahuber, or on a Tumblr Page I created just for this project here.


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