Charlotte’s Web Shawl

There are some projects and goals that lay on the wayside for the duration of time it takes to graduate from high school. Case in point, I have had these Koigu mill ends since 2008 which were always slated to become a Charlotte’s Web Shawl.

After I found out I was having a baby, it seemed like hundreds of strangers and friends wanted to tell me how little time I would ever have to myself, labor and delivery horror stories, advice (some good!),  more horror stories and very personal inquiries. Regarding the knitting, I took this time to finally make myself this particular shawl – before my life is over and I never have a minute to myself! I jest.

Here is the yarn. Mike helped me to put them in order for the shawl.

Koigu-Mill-Ends-Rosies-Yarn-Cellar-Charlottes-Web-Shawl-KnitMy illustration from four years ago was inspiration to someday knit this!


I really just wanted to knit this shawl for the fringe.


Here is the finished shawl. It’s huge. It’s about my height fully stretched out, so around 66 inches.


I’m really happy with how it turned out. Once I got the hang of the lace pattern, it was pretty easy, but I recommend placing a lifeline in case you mess up. I messed up and restarted it at least three times. This is not to scare you off, just to provide some realistic expectations.


This colorful detail below is one of my favorite parts of the shawl.


Well, besides the fringe of course! I held myself back from adding beads or sequins!


I don’t know why I waited so long, but it was worth the wait!



8 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web Shawl

  1. Hahaha! This was purely about knitting, Suzy! I have no idea about raising a kid yet. But I would like to not be one of those people who tells everyone how horrible their life will be once they have their child 🙂

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