Holiday House Portrait for the Grace Family

My adorable friend, Rachel Grace of Raenovate asked me to create a house portrait for their 2012 holiday cards. I was so touched to be asked, and hadn’t realized how much I missed my watercolors and inks after a brief hiatus. In interior design school, interior and exterior renderings was always my favorite part of my projects.

Marissa-Huber-Sketchbook-IllustrationThey have a cute Craftsman style house which was fun to draw, and Rachel and her talented hubby are always doing impressive home improvements.

Marissa-Huber-Illustration-Sketchbook-PenI especially liked creating the holiday garland details and banners, and painting the bricks!

Marissa-Huber-Illustration-House-Portrait-Holiday-GarlandI loved how their house portrait turned out, and thankfully, they were pleased with the results! I also decided to add custom house portraits to my Etsy shop since they are so much fun to create.

Grace-Family-House-Portrait-Happy-Holidays-WatercolorRachel used a local printer to scan the image and create their cards. It was such a treat to receive their cute holiday card in the mail. I think it turned out really great! Thanks for the opportunity, R+T!



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