Trains + Mountains


As I mentioned before, all of my friends are having babies, buying  houses and getting married, so I’ve been playing catch-up on some gifts. This weekend I spent a 65 degree Fall day in Baltimore to meet my best friend Heather’s newest baby, Ben. It was a bonus treat, since I also got to see her parents, and monkey around with her adorable toddler, Caleb.

Heather and her family are currently paring down things in their home, so I wanted to give her something that was not “stuff”.  (Guess who is the extremely grateful recipient to many hand-me-downs including maternity clothes and baby boy items?!). I thought they’d enjoy small watercolors featuring her sons’ birth stats, with references to their home in Virginia.

Ben’s drawing features the skyline from Shenandoah National Park, which is a special place for her and her husband. Some of their major life events happened there, so I knew they’d enjoy the reference.


Her 15 month old, Caleb loves trucks and trains, so I thought a cute train with a red caboose was in order for his drawing.

Choo choo!

Heather and her husband are such wonderful parents, and always find time to fit in fun and not be lunatics. They are great inspiration to Mike and me. Plus, it’s always good to have friends who you can have fun with anywhere, even if it’s on the side of a hill or in a parking lot at a mall in a slightly downtrodden Baltimore area!

BFFs since 1995

Here’s to many more years of friendship.

P.S. Yes, that is obviously not a maternity shirt I’m busting out of!


4 thoughts on “Trains + Mountains

  1. Love the watercolors. I’m sure Heather and Nate love them too. Seriously, you should do more of these things.

  2. What a special gift, we love them and love displaying your art in our home. Yes, to many more years of friendship! I love you….hearing a train go by now:)

  3. Loved seeing you Marissa – you look so beautiful. The gifts you made for Caleb and Ben are incredible – You are a wonderful friend.
    Love ya,
    Sue & Art

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