Space Planning, Pretzels + Mocassins

While I was helping my friend with furniture layouts for her new retail store, I decided to rethink my own apartment. We live in the second floor of a converted row home, and while roomy and very sunlit, the back studio / reading room doesn’t have much (any?) insulation and the room we use a bedroom is in the middle of the house without doors. We’ve done this to take advantage of our brightly lit huge front room which receives gorgeous Northern daylight from morning until evening. Another benefit is being shielded from the noises on our very busy street, including but not limited to trolley traffic every quarter of an hour, and thankfully less frequent vocal altercations.


This has worked fine for us for the past few years, but we’re thinking it’s time to make some changes. The main reason for the change is because I’m expecting a baby in February!

I am naively hoping not to uproot my entire life because of this impending arrival, but I’m sure some things will change, at least for a bit. I’m hoping to follow in the footsteps of the rational and wonderful moms I know, such as my own dear Mom, my MIL, sisters-in-law, and best friends.

Onesie Making for Grandparents

We’re attempting to go minimal and just get what we need (I’ll tell you how that goes!). We’re also very lucky to have lots of friends who are done having babies, and already sending things our way.  I am also very grateful that I’ve felt really well, and besides getting super seasick going deep-sea fishing in my first trimester, have not even been too nauseous.

In the meantime, my goal during pregnancy is to be very selfish and enjoy as much free-time and me-time as possible! I’m sleeping in on weekends if I want, reading tons of books, not pushing myself to be productive all the time, and knitting things for myself!

I’ll probably do a little crafting soon, especially now that I’m at the halfway mark and it’s going very quickly! I’d like to make a quilt, and maybe a couple of knitted goods as well. I started knitting the yellow blanket, and did make the onesies above for my parents to reveal the news. (Lola and Lolo are Grandma and Grandpa in Tagalog, the Filipino language. It’s also sassy and fun, which my parents are!)

Booties for D+S's little boy

I’ve also made things for other people’s babies! The cutest baby moccasins from Purl Soho, and a pretzel themed “Philly Baby” onesie at a recent baby shower.

Philly Baby!

Thanks for letting me share my news with you! Feel free to send along suggestions of what I should be doing in my “selfish” time!


4 thoughts on “Space Planning, Pretzels + Mocassins

  1. What?!?!! Preggers?!?!?!?!?! Why have you not mentionned this to me before?!?!?! My advice (from a non-mother) uproot your life, wait until the baby arrives to re-watch ALL the seasons of Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Wire, and all the other highly violent premium cable series, add Sex in the City and go retro with Red Shoe Diaries to balance a little sex with the violence, drink excessively (I hear it helps YOU stay sane), and above all means, continue your selfish ways even after the little kumquat arrives!

    HAHAHA! Glad the cat is out of the bag. But no, seriously, uproot your life and move to KY. Heck, Outside mag just named Nashville one of the 20 best adventure cities in the US.

  2. FINALLY!!! Congratulations for real now. You and Mike are going to be some kick ass parents.

    Milk that selfish time with some prenatal massages. I’d tell you to eat like a horse, but I have a feeling you have that base covered (or at least I hope you do).

    Oh – now I know four words in Tagalog. My friend in high school taught me two swear words that I’ve never forgotten.

  3. You are doing it just perfectly! Have fun, enjoy you (and Mike) time, and keep on crafting. You and Mike are going to be awesome parents. That baby will be oil painting by the time he/she is 2 :). Love you lots!

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