Space Planning + Hot Pink Ceilings


One of my good friends is realizing a lifelong dream. She’ll be opening a retail store next month in Manayunk! She’s had a tough few years, and it is so heart-bursting to see how many people are rallying around to help her if this was their own project. She has done all of the legwork to make sure everything is covered, and we just know that she’s going to be a huge success. It’s like watching a story unfold that you know will have a rewarding ending.

Hot Pink Ceiling

I was happy to help her with some space planning for the store. It’s a bright space with fabulous hot pink ceilings and a little bit of gold trim. The chandeliers have come down (I was the only one sad about that), and a team of us worked to paint, put together furniture and spruce the place up.

Space Planning

I can’t wait to see the final result! I loved the opportunity to exercise my design skills, it has been way too long.

Good luck, LKJ!


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