Charlotte’s Web Shawl

Every few months, my knitting friends “The Degenerate Knitters”, have a brunch. This past month, I hosted it at my house. In typical Degenerate Knitter fashion, our “brunch” started around 11AM and ended at 5:30PM.

We talked (loudly), ate and drank (a lot), and even had a round 2 dessert platter filled with donuts and baklava. I love that group of ladies so much.

Knitting Brunch Round 2

With all the knitting going on, I was finally inspired to start a project with Koigu Mill Ends I bought in 2008.

Koigu Mill-ends

The yarn is currently being knit up into a Charlotte’s Web Shawl, which I’ve always hesitated to start due to a confusing chart. With my friends nearby and a few repeat attempts, I finally am getting the hang of it.

blog 009

The pattern isn’t really that hard, but every time I think I have it down, I screw it up.

Koigu Mill Ends

Bring it on, Fall! I’m enjoying my knitting this year.


4 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web Shawl

  1. Nice! Can we start a club for those with years of to-be projects? I just uncovered quite a bit of random crafts I got materials for but never fully executed. Food and friends certainly make these things better.

    Cheers to you!

  2. So beautiful. I love all the colors and the intricate (looking) pattern. Looking forward to seeing the final product. Love you!

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