West Coast Roses + Fragrance Inspiration

I used to wear perfume daily. Okay, I used to wear men’s cologne daily as I preferred it, and the occasional perfume. After college, I went on a fragrance hiatus for a few years. I also didn’t have cable television. It was most likely budget related.

I’ll credit my cousins with getting me enamored again with perfume.

My cousin, Cara, spent a summer in Paris and has a rather enviable perfume collection. When I visit her in D.C., I spritz something new, permitting it’s not the same fragrance as she’s wearing! (Her rule, she kiddingly scolded me, but I love her). My good friend, E, contributed as well. She’s a full-blown fragrance-a-phile.

I went to San Francisco a few years ago with my cousins from the Philippines. While in the San Francisco Rose Garden, I fell in love with the American Beauty Rose. One day I want to find that exact scent.


Perfume is fun, and adds a bit of depth to your day and outfit. Certain moods and seasons call for different scents. And you can pretend you’re a bit Frenchy.


My favorite scent is Gucci 2. It was my scent of choice when I lived in Las Vegas in 2002. It’s hard to find, but so lovely and unique. The bottle is also hot pink. Case closed.


Mike bought me Vicktor Rolf Flowerbomb for my birthday. It’s a sweet, floral scent held in a bottle that looks like a sparkly hand grenade.


Here are my current Top Five Wish-list fragrance purchases. I don’t buy new things frequently, but the great thing about perfume is that it lasts for a while. I am not obsessed enough to know all about the base notes and all that, but usually like spicy, floral and kind of manly (or uber girly).

1. Narcisco Rodgriguez for Her: I couldn’t tell if I liked this one at first, but I love smelling my wrists whenever I wear it. It grows on you.

2. Juicy Couture: I bought a small bottle of Viva La Juicy instead, which is also nice, but this was the one I really want.

3. Hanae Mori Butterfly: It’s soft and slightly baby powdery. Enchanting.

4. Kenzo Amore: It reminds me of the Hanae Mori, but a bit different.

5. Dior Addict for Life: Clean, floral, a new favorite. Dare I say…addicting?!


That’s it for now. I have a sampler that I bought at Sephora, which includes a coupon for a full size bottle once you pick your favorite. Right now, Kenzo Amore is the top contender of the choices.

Perfume? Love it? Hate it? Anything I should check out?

P.S. I would still wear some Love’s Baby Soft any day of the week! Shout out to seventh grade!


7 thoughts on “West Coast Roses + Fragrance Inspiration

  1. I haven’t worn perfume in years, but when I was in college I loved Sung by Alfred Sung. And I still have a bottle of New West that’s my shout out to seventh grade (my older sister wore it then). We have a no-perfume rule at work, so I sneak my scents with Tokyo Milk #13 and Aesop hand lotion.

  2. HA! Gucci Rush- I used to wear that scent, only I forgot about it until I saw your drawing of the bottle (daughter of a graphic designer- hones in on packaging). In high school it was Calvin Klein’s Obsession, of course. Sheesh, no self-respecing girl would have worn anything other than that scent in the late 80’s. Then it was Coco by Chanel. I love- love- love Miyake, by Issey Miyake & Todd Oldham has a nice perfume, but I think I OD’d on it. In between there have been some great scents I’ve come across from perfumeries in London or Paris, but I never bought a second bottle. Right now I’m wearing a solid purfume I found on sale at Anthro for $4.00. As for your roses, there is always Tea Rose, available sup-a cheap at your local drug store. That was my gateway perfume.

  3. Haha, my favorite perfume is moonlight splash body spray from bath and body works or purcell eau de toilette. Once I got preggo a couple of years ago, perfume went bye bye and has not come back yet.

  4. I also wore a lot of mens cologne, mostly European stuff. I love perfume, usually on other people. HOWEVER, Stella Mckartney has an amazing, brand new scent called summer rose. I love it! YUMM!

  5. My all-time favorite is Tresor by Lancome. Remember when Patrick from your 1st grade class used to say how I smelled so nice when I volunteered at your class.

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