Ninjas + Green Drinks

Though I didn’t get around to making official new year’s resolutions, I did make a promise to myself to eat more fruits and veggies this year. Okay, mainly veggies. I need next to no help in the fruit department.


When I was home in Florida for Christmas, I got it in my head that I needed to start drinking morning smoothies. After obsessively researching the pros and cons of juicers versus blenders, I was ready to get a blender.

I bought a Ninja blender on sale. It was a great deal, is easy to clean, quite powerful, and is 1/4 of the price of the holy grail of blenders, The Vitamix. I was so excited about my purchase, I dropped the box (still fine), and convinced my best friend’s hubby to buy one too. Coincidentally, he dropped his Ninja box while making fun of my snafu (his blender is also still fine).

I also like that “The Ninja” is  the roller coaster in St. Louis that Uncle Steve finally convinced me to ride, and became the start of my lifelong roller coaster career.

I’ve used it 5 times a week since January 1st and cannot complain. It’s loud, but for less than a hundred bucks, I don’t mind. (Thankfully, my neighbor doesn’t mind either).

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink is my new favorite breakfast. I like to add a lot of ginger for an energizing and refreshing kick. It takes some getting used to, but by the end of the first glass, you’re weirdly craving it. If you try it and it’s too intense at first, mix some honey in there, or a bit of orange juice until you get used to it.


I also started putting spinach in all my other smoothies as well. It’s a great way to get vitamins into your drink with a mild taste. I also like using non-sweetened almond milk, plain yogurt, frozen berries, bananas and whatever else is in my fridge that is looking a bit peaked.


One tip I found for frozen bananas is to slice them before you freeze them. What a revelation! I’ve been accused of keeping rotten black bananas (the best for baking!) in my freezer by Mike for years.

Wheat germ is also good if you want some folic acid and substance. Chia seeds are something everyone swears by, but it makes your smoothie a bit gelatin-y if you let it sit for too long. But I hear it makes a great pudding!

Since I’ve been drinking my morning smoothies, I think I’ve felt more alert in the mornings (still love my morning cup of coffee too). If you’re looking to eat more healthfully, it also sets the tone for the day. You’ve already eaten about 5 servings of vegetables and fruit before lunch. Not too shabby, and low on calories if you’re watching your weight. I found my clothes fitting much better after a few months of this, and believe me, I was eating plenty otherwise.

I’ve found that smoothie and juicing fans love to share their favorite recipes. Feel free to point me in the direction of yours!


3 thoughts on “Ninjas + Green Drinks

  1. My smoothie varies, but right now it’s peaches (at the international market mangoes tend to be super cheap!). A friend had to strip her peach tree because of the weight of the fruit + gave me 2 bags. I cut the peaches up + froze them on baking sheets, which makes it easier to get a little at a time + not have a mass of frozen peaches. Frozen blueberries (from Whole Foods, no story here) and either radish of beet greens. I add a chunk of ginger + squeeze 1/2 a lime in, a scoop of spiralina (lots of good minerals and plant protein since I’m a vegetarian) and a pinch of turmeric. Blend in the ‘Ol Waring + yum! Green drink!

  2. Doh! In one of my purging fits, I gave away our blender. I’d made smoothies in it for years, but felt like I was over them. Now that I’ve read what you’re putting in yours (much better than the strawberry banana standard I always resorted to) I want it back.

  3. The green smoothie looks good. How long does it last after preparing if we don’t drink it all at once? Love your recipe art -:). XOXO

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