Citrus + Avocado

I should blame my unanticipated absence my new role at work, my volunteer position, an event I helped plan, the twice weekly Spanish lessons I’m taking, and a baby shower I’m throwing.  But it mainly comes down to one thing.

Feeding the pantry and food storage obsession.

Most of my recent daydreams have been dedicated to what whole grains and bulk bin items I can scoop out and store in the carefully cleaned out jars I’ve been saving over the years. I dream about having matching jars found on sale somewhere that I know the contents of by sight, or with handwritten labels since I’m not a label-maker type of girl (excluding one workday frenzy with name labels and the P-Touch).


I’m using my new reference book, Rebecca Wood’s The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, to get ideas of how to incorporate new foods and grains into my diet.


Last week I brought home beautiful poppy seeds that I just wanted to put my hands in. They’re blue, purple, black and oh so tiny and susceptible to static cling.


Citrus is in season, so I snagged some tangerines for an avocado, grapefruit, radish, arugula and citrus salad. I was inspired by this delicious and refreshing version by Martha Stewart. It reminds me of home, when I used to have a ruby-red grapefruit and orange tree in our backyard until the citrus canker hit Florida. Our neighbors traded us for mangoes, avocados and tangerines. That was the life!


Big ruby reds were always my favorite. Fresh picked while warm, eaten first and then juiced for the finale. Always with a teeny bit of sugar, though it barely needed it.


I tried out a red lentil and carrot soup for lunch this week. It was healthy, tasty, filling and easy to make. Fits the bill for my busy week! Avocados have had constant rotation in my morning smoothies of late as well.


Lastly, the beautiful blood orange. They’re so pretty on the inside, but aren’t my favorite tasting citrus. However, I keep buying them to add dimension to other colors and flavors, and you know I’m a sucker for pretty colors!

¡Qué alimentos bonitos! (What pretty food! I told you I was taking Spanish!)


3 thoughts on “Citrus + Avocado

  1. I thought that after watching tons of Almodovar + Bunuel movies I would suddenly be fluent in Spanish, but that has not been the case.

    As for avocados, I’m eating 1/2 of one a day (woo-hoo! back on sale at the grocery). I’m addicted to this rice, egg and avocado dish I make each morning for breakfast- topped with a little tamari, yuuuuuhhm.

  2. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering reading your post. Love me some fruit and avocados…and love your drawings too (y tu tambien)!

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