Handknit Socks

I’m giving sock knitting a second chance. I didn’t think it was for me, but I love the portability of socks, the idea of making them, and having endless semi-mindless knitting that you can bring with you whenever you have a spare moment.


When I finished my most recent pair this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised that they are super comfortable, even for a picky sock wearer like myself. I grew up wearing flip flops everywhere or being in a pool, so socks and shoes still get on my nerves sometimes. Plus, I was totally one of those kids that drove her mother crazy lining up the velcro on my shoes perfectly (they were too tight!) and changing my socks two times since they “felt weird”.  I still remember those socks too! I still wouldn’t wear them today. They were a polyblend material material with odd heel placement and felt crunchy-stretchy. Thankfully, my mom was awesome and also bought socks that even I liked. My mom will be rolling her eyes right now!

Off to cast on another pair for the next few months, since other projects will be calling to me before the warm weather hits.


Perhaps we should clean up the Library / Studio before I start another project…


7 thoughts on “Handknit Socks

  1. It’s all just too much for me! I do love the last photo + the ad with the woman wearing Birkenstock -looking shoes with socks! Rock on!

    Got your thank you card today and I am was soooooo happy! Thank you for your thank you card thanking me for the book!

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