Game Night

In my experience, people fall into two categories when it comes to board games.  They love them or they hate them.

I’ve always loved board games, with the exception of Battleship which was one of my brother’s favorites.  When I would get really bored calling out E9, or B7, I’d move around my ships to let him win more quickly so we could move onto my favorite, LIFE.  Of course, now I’d give anything to play seven years worth of non-cheating Battleship with my brother, but I don’t think he ever minded much.

When we played LIFE, we’d let each other go around the part where you get kids so that we (mainly me) could have as many as we wanted.  Sometimes we’d have to add a second car to fit the rest of my sets of twins (pink and blue pegs cut down to size to create toddlers and babies) and drive them around the board.  Surely others did this too?!

January Game Night

It’s been awhile since we had a game night in Philly.  Our board game friends moved away and disbanded (Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble were favorites), but we recruited a few new friends to come over last Thursday for the first Game Night of 2012.

We had a great time! We had a to pull up a side table for all of the food, drinks and sweet treats.  And of course, there was plenty of riff-raff and semi-friendly competitive mocking. We played our ancient version of Trivial Pursuit, which focuses on Nixon, JFK, the Cold War and entertainment of the 1930s.  It may be time for an update…

Trivial Pursuit

No matter how old I get though, I always love putting those pieces of pie into the plastic pieces, and I always choose hot pink or yellow.

Hopefully we can do a quarterly event, and I can get my hands on some new group friendly games.  Cards Against Humanity is a new favorite, Catch Phrase is always fun, Scattergories is laying unused at my mom’s house, and I want to organize a poker night soon!

What about you guys? Game people or not? What are other games I should try?


6 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. I love board games! We have been playing ‘The Game of Things’ the last few game nights…it’s pretty funny, especially when you have a good group. Cranium is another favorite of mine.

  2. I didn’t think I was a game night kinda gal myself until recently when good friends twisted my arm to come play some Catchphrase. Now I’m hooked on it. Next came an introduction to Boggle at the local bar that we’re at every Monday night. I’m hooked on that now, too. And while visiting family in Cleveland at Christmastime, my niece and nephews taught us how to play Bananagrams. I freaking love that game. Highly recommend it. While blabbing about it to some game-loving friends, they suggested I also try Ticket To Ride. It’s next on my list. I’m a convert.

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