5 Ideas for Decorating Wall Space

One of my good friends has all of these freshly painted walls in her new house, but now needs art and things to fill them. I’ve been mulling it over in the back of my head and finally sketched out some ideas for her.

Wall Space

Idea One:

Display your favorite belongings, collections and quirky items in shadowboxes. Group things together.  I’m partial to odd numbered items when it comes to collection and repetition.  If you need inspiration from the Queen of Collections, check out Lisa Congdon’s Collection a Day.

Past items I’ve displayed are the gold sequined beaded bag (sketched below), a lemon yellow flapper dress scored at a thrift store in Florida, and a tiara from homecoming court. What a trend, all of these things are shiny, sparkly and somewhat gaudy!

I think a collection of medals would be neat, especially if they held personal meaning. The options are endless, and it becomes art, sentiment and quirky sideshow for your guests. Go mount your beloved grandmother’s old spoons, broken pieces of teacups, the burlap coffee sack you picked up in Central America. Whatever speaks to you. Be genuine!

Wall Space Idea OneIdea Two:

Frame things you have or are large. Think maps, large photographs and favorite pieces of fabric.

Maps! Who doesn’t love maps? They showcase the world at different times, feed your travel lust, track places you’ve been, are colorful graphic images, and take up space.

You can embroider an epic roadtrip route traveled in college where your car broke down on the side of a mountain in Utah (moi), track a honeymoon trip, or pin places you want to go. You can use the actual map as a canvas for the shape of a favorite state. Purchase or create an illustrated map for a favorite destination or to document an event or trip.

Wall Space Idea Two

Utilize your thousand megapixel camera finally and blow up your travel photos, still lives, or portraits. You can go as big as The Novogratz’s do with wall paper, or you can aim for 24×36. Or buy a print of some of your favorite photographers.

There is also fabric. I mounted a handmade woven piece from Peru with a dowel rod. You can frame or mount on canvas that yard of fabric you love but won’t ever touch. Enjoy it everyday instead!

Idea Three:

Make your own collages using old paint chips, cut paper, magazines, old books, etc.  If you’re artsy, make shapes and have fun. Have some friends over. Use a reference to trace a silhouette or a favorite vegetable. Do a grouping of 4 fruits or veggies for your kitchen. Paint 3 pictures of your favorite dogs that you’re not allowing yourself to adopt yet. Make shapes using cut out triangles or a paper punch. Cut stripes and be random.

Frame it and enjoy. Trade with friends. Collaborate. See if wine helps or hinders. Paste over the mistakes. Hang it in the laundry room if it’s an utter failure!

Wall Space Idea Three

Idea Four:

Make paintings! Same as idea three, but with art supplies. You can make a ton of colors by mixing primary red, blue, and yellow with white and black. Acrylic is easy if you’ve never done it, and mixes with water which everyone is used to. Trace some patterns, mix up some colors and make simple piece of art that you are proud of.

Idea Five:

Invest in artists (established or emerging depending on your budget), that you love.  Purchase photographs, prints, letterpress, screen-prints, illustrations, printed linen, whatever you want to look at daily.

I always think you should buy art that speaks to you, that makes you smile or feel something each time you walk by. Of course I live with a painter, so our walls are filled gallery style, but I still smile each time I see my beloved Heather Smith Jones piece or the watercolor from my friend Margaret’s travels to Alaska in the 70s.

Wall Space Ideas Four & FiveHere are some resources and a few of my recent favorites to get you started:

Regardless of what you choose to fill your home, enjoy doing it, know that it’s a process, and bring things and art in that you love. Let me know what I forgot!

And have fun! Life is short and artwork can be rearranged.

(Says the girl with an alligator head and pink lawn flamingos).


4 thoughts on “5 Ideas for Decorating Wall Space

  1. I have been wondering and throwing ideas around for dressing up these apartment walls, and this is just the post to consult! Btw, we’re doing fine! I’m back into writing and designing, so hopefully I can keep up the creativity and post about it. What have you been up to?

  2. I love your creative posts and will definitely be saving this one for when we move into a new place (hopefully soon) ; but I am so moved right now by your illustrations. Just awesome! What an inspiration.

  3. I am so glad to see you drawing so much! I love your creative ideas and how you love helping others. You are the best!

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