Pomegranate Obsession

I officially became obsessed with pomegranates this year. I first realized that it was a full blown obsession when I started stocking up on 6 at a time.


I rationalized that I wanted to make good use of the 3 for $5 sale at the grocery store. But then a man walked up mistakenly to my cart, saw the fruit, and hollered to his wife in shock and disdain, “Elaine, what the heck is wrong with you? Why would anyone need so many pomegranates?!”


Poor Elaine and her frustrated husband! I found it hysterical, it still makes me snicker. I jumped over to the cart to defend my loot, and we all had a hearty laugh about the mix-up.

Last week, I contemplated buying 8, but felt that equated to crazy cat lady type numbers in regards to fruit. Though at least this addiction is full of antioxidants!

I love to eat them in a little bowl with a spoon. They’re incredible sprinkled over Andrew Swallow’s Grove Salad from Mixt. They’re a great addition for a crunch pop in a fruit salad, or over yogurt and granola.


I’m the type of person who does all the work of seeding the pomegranates first, and enjoying the literal fruits of my labor later.

I’ve sketched up my current present way of removing the arils (in a bowl to avoid stains, and in front of my television because that’s how I roll, but on the floor because I love my sofa).  It’s a relaxing, meditative like ritual, and the arils keep well in the refrigerator.

Though my way works for me now, I’m absolutely trying this easy and logical technique via Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn next time. Hopefully, there is a next time. I don’t know when they go out of season, but I nearly shed tears at ShopRite last week when I thought they were out.

Marissa's Preferred Way of Opening

Can you tell how  much fun I had with my hot pink inks?! I forgot how much I miss drawing. I can’t wait to do more this year.


6 thoughts on “Pomegranate Obsession

  1. I have the same pomegrante obsession!!!! I bought 3 at the store the other day and ate them in one sitting. Trader Joe’s has packages of just the seeds and I scarff those down. I also know a really good pomegrante martini recipe

  2. I should work in a factory where they seed the arils. I’ve already thought about it for at least 17 minutes what the workers wear. Pomegranate colored jumpsuits? That’s a lot! 3 in one sitting! Damn, girl!

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